Photo by Katie Hayes

A farmer in Wei Zhuan ushers his cow through the small village streets.


Photo by Katie Hayes

After the hike in diesel prices, many drivers at the Huo Yun Gong Si truck stop in Shanghai say that they will now have to cut living expenses while on the road in order to keep sending money home to their villages.


Photo by Katie Hayes

Yang Fei Yao, left, hoses down auto mechanic Zhu Jin Long after a day of hard work at Shanghai's Hou Yun Gong Si truck stop.


Photo by Katie Hayes

A sailor hangs out the portside of a ship transporting steel domestically to the Shanghai port. Booming construction around China keeps the local shipping industry busy, even if rising fuel costs deal a blow to global trade.


Photo by Katie Hayes

Hangzhou Boxing Fitness Club specializes in mixed martial arts, but also offers training in American-style boxing.


Photo by Katie Hayes

Truck drivers at the Shi Da Road Logistics Company wait for their load, a few days before the Chinese government raised the price of diesel 18 percent.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

With young people moving to the cities for work, many towns like Xiejiaqiao just a few hours from Hangzhou are left with mostly very young and elderly populations.

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