The Great Wall Descent


Join the China on the Brink reporting crew as we make our brave descent of the Great Wall.

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College Hopefuls from the Countryside Face Hurdles

Liu Xiaome, 33, came to Beijing nine years ago from Anhui province. Today she works as a maid cleaning homes for 10 yuan, or about $1.50, per hour. Liu’s son is back home in the care of her mother and older sister.

A Tale of Two Muslims

Walking down a major Beijing thoroughfare in search of a subway station, I passed a mustached man of olive-colored skin on a flatbed tricycle loaded with che, a sweet snack made of peanuts and fruit. He asked if I wanted to buy some, and offered a free sample. The man spoke Chinese with a heavy accent, and I realized he was not an ethnic Chinese, but a Uighur, one of China’s ethnic and religious minorities.

At Beijing's Edge, Development Raises a City of A Different Color

Xin Men Tang Chun, or “New Door Front Village,” is a dusty slum on Beijing’s western fringe that is now home to hundreds of migrant laborers.

David Cassidy the Feminist

The retro hit, "I think I Love You," blared from a flat, plasma-screen television at the ultra-modern Wall Street English conversation school. The students had just watched an episode of The Partridge Family entitled "My Son the Feminist." The show features a young David Cassidy who starts dating a young women's rights advocate and gets duped into performing at a feminist rally. The episode was used to launch the day's English discussion on feminism.